LUM028 Steve.k – Nightowl EP

Luxembourg’s delicate house and techno scene grows with one more producer hereby. Since years Steve K. is deeply connected as a DJ, now he gets the accolade by having his debut with our Lauter Unfug Musik No. 028.  Being a nightowl by himself, this EP is called like this and includes two catchy originals, each with one stunning remix.

‘Nightowl’ attracts with an intoxicating drive, which is caused by a dirty-low bassline and effective long-lasting sequences. When the notable voice begins, you’ll definitely know why getting captured can be a delightful feeling.
Swiss-based Kellerkind chips in with the next remix on Lauter Unfug and thrives again. Adding a highly dramatic thrill on top of the shaking rhythm, plus a stirring tack on the synthbass, are the ultimate way to electrify the floor.
The ‘Inner Demon’ of Steve K. unwraps the slightly wobbling groove side. It’s a subtle and neat work. The resonating sounds and baffling elements are winding subconsciously into the minds and directly to the legs, as if it’s an endless dancer. Sascha Dive puts on one floor below in his remix – sprinkled with hushed cracklings. Wide open and highly intense, he creates a stimulating deepness which is right perfect for warm summer nights.

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