LUM027 Beatamines – Osiris EP

When Egyptian Gods meet imaginative sitcom planets, it’s about time for the next Lauter Unfug release. This episode is headlined by Beatamines, who’s also responsible in terms of the preeminent music quality for our label. All the more we are glad that he takes over the steering wheel to guide us herewith straight into the summer.

The ‘Osiris EP’ starts with the title track and an anthem-like majestic bassline, which shines in the light of rave divinity. The sweet arped synth ensures that this tune is perfectly suitable for the open air festival season. A journey into slightly melancholic spheres appears with the remix of the boys from the trio Township Rebellion. After they conquered the attention of the audiences by releasing a deeply ingoing sound on several labels, it’s their premiere on Lauter Unfug. An intense trip with a long and mellifluous break-up will certainly gain Osiris’ goodwill.

Next stop: Melmac! If Alf would have known… Beatamines puts a proper drive on top and a clear pulsating bass to make it flow. Dynamic and energetic, this is one for the full rocking floors. Riven ties in with the remix and gears up with a techhouse monster. The grained voice is still present on a lucid sphere, but the insertion of white noises bucking up the steam.

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