LUM026 ND Catani – Go Deeper EP

Straight outta’ own hood comes No. 26 ‘Deeper EP’ by ND Catani. Following up to his former releases on our label, he strongly keeps on doin’ his house thing. Two massive originals are graced by two powerful remixes.

‘Go Deeper’ burns in the manner of the good old house ages – but with a fresh beat framework. As strong as the soul voice gives its spirit, the marching snares and shaking vibe are spending a driven groove, which turns this piece into an essential track for peaktimes of the house clubs. Niko Schwind, well-known for his releases on Stil Vor Talent and countless other labels, adds a smart and cheeky touch in his remix. A dirty rollin’ bassline and a kind of breaky breaks with warm spacious injections are the formula for giving it a sneaky twist.

‘Hype’ or not? – that’s the question… With a classic vocal sample cut and a warm melodic synth chord ruling the second original track, the hype will definitely remain – even more it induces a smile with its sequenced flow. Groovebox from Spain (Toolroom, 100%% Pure, Bitten, …) puts an energetic pulse in front and delivers a slick techno remix. With a hint of tribalistic drums and the hypnotizing voice, he moves into the break which bursts in sharp-dubby chords. What a driven ride, let’s go for this hype!

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