LUM023 Haste Midi – Prisonier Of Words

The Luxembourgish two-man duo Haste Midi, formed by the label boss Alex Heide and Matthias Horn from ATM deliver their second EP on Lauter Unfug music. POW, short for ‘Prisoner Of Words’, is a very deep and melodic release, taking its audience on a mental journey through house music.

Sticking to their very own style, everything is sounding very raw, as if it came straight out of a tape recorder. The original track generates a gloomy atmosphere created by vinyl crackle, psychedelic vocals and vintage processors. Maximiljan adds some groove to the track, adding some drums and resonating stab sounds, making it a great track to catch the vibe at the after-hours.

‘Where U Stand’ is the second tune on the release and it’s a perfect fit. Haste Midi manage to recreate the old-school vibe of the first track while giving it a different atmosphere.

David Hasert for his part takes down the tempo, delivering a tune which is perfect for listening on a chill Sunday after-noon, at home as well as in the club.

With their ‘POW’ EP, Haste Midi put the focus back on the melody, delivering a solid release destined for the afterhours.

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