LUM019 Riven – To Tight EP









Riven delivers his third release on Lauter Unfug Music and boy, this is a big one! The original track combines many well known classic house elements, creating a massive, forward tune with a beautiful breakdown. Every element you hear is sampled from an old school and garage house CD or comes from a raw analogue synth. Best part of the tune is the immense moog bass that underlines the long breakdown, taking the listener onto a deep journey towards a massive drop, getting everyone on the dance floor into a proper rave vibe.

Channel X on their side make proof of their extended producing skills once again, switching from tech house to driving techno. Their interpretation of ‘Too Tight’ is a full blown peak time floor filling track that will get every crowd going.

Riven’s second tune on the EP is called ‘Return of the Jed’, a track which is a bit deeper than the first one and has a very particular groove. It’s that kind of memorable tune that really sticks out of today’s mass produced monotony.

Bunte Bummler take on ‘Return of the Jed’, giving it a very after-ish vibe, taking down the tempo a bit, working a lot on the vocal and making it the perfect tune to close your eyes and slowly move your feet at the after-hours.

Riven’s ‘Too Tight’ EP is a very solid EP, covering everything from deep trippy house to forward techno.

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