LUM017 Sebastian Fleischer – In My Mind EP









Sebastian Fleischer releases his first EP on Lauter Unfug Music. The ‘In My Mind’ EP is a four track releases covering many nieches of house and Tech House.

The original Tune takes you on a deep melodic journey, combining classic deep house stabs, arpegiated strings and a dark vocal hook, evolving from start to finish of the track.

Joseph Disco’s takes a different, darker approach for his re-interpretation by adding saturated leads and technoid effects.

Audiopleptika and HouseKeepers put a lot of drive onto the original track, pushing it into the modern tech house sheme, making it a real floor filler production.

Riven on his sides adds a lot of grunge and a really trippy pad line, giving the track a different feel. The constantly evolving lead combined with the long breakdowns are pretty much a warranty to take the people on the dance floor to another level.

The ‘In My Mind’ EP is a well balanced 5 Track release produced for the club.

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