LUM014 Riven – Acid Break EP






The “Acid Break” EP features 4 divergent tracks, each one individually shaped to it ‘s own essence.

The original mix perfectly reflects Riven’s style: Raw, driving and harmonic. He is a true addict of classic drum machines and aptly uses the sounds of the 909 and 707 to create a rhythmic thrust whilst leaving them almost unprocessed. The purity of the elements brings a nice old-school touch to the composition. To complete the piece, Riven draws on further organic elements by adding dry vocals and effects. By combining all of those elements, Riven manages to create a smooth drive that slowly evolves and finds it ‘s peak at the acid breakdown.

For his second release on Lauter Unfug Music, Riven managed to come up with an arrangement that subtlety allows listeners the freedom to choose which elements between the bassline, the drums, atmospherics or overall mood they can focus on.

Timid Boy also adds his second Remix on the Label. He focuses on the main vocals, whilst adding a smooth, rhythmic and uplifting groove on top. Toppling effects that move slowly around the spectrum conclude the composition. Timid Boy manages once again to deliver a solid mix and makes the different elements of the track seamlessly melt together.
Tyree Cooper delivers one remix and interprets the track in his own, very different manner by adding a bit more drama to the whole on his acid version. As you might have expected, he uses long pad lines and short melodic stabs joined by huge reverb fills that build-up towards a nice breakdown and fall back to the original beat just after the drop.

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