LUM008 Ron Schatte – Park Plaza EP










Ron Schatte, one of Saarbruckens key players in the nightlife scene drops his debut on Lauter Unfug Music, taking on board his protegee Flo.Von. The original name giver ‘Park Plaza’ merges techy beats with long, evolving pads and a nice vocal hook, making the track perfect for the afterhours, the warm-up and even peak time. The slowly expanding structure easily captivates the crowds focus towards the dance-floor and is perfect for a little harmonic breath between two pushy tunes.

Zeeland takes on the groove of the original track using different elements. While the percussion certainly get the listeners going, the dirty bass stabs create a very nice diversion which Ron Schatte and Flo.Von have managed to implement perfectly into the composion.
Park Plaza got remixed by Alexander Aurel and Gunnar Stiller, which both decided to keep the main elements of the track by adding their own note. While Alex uses the mellow pace throughout the track, the dark bass line certainly adds a lot of interest to the whole and his interpretation certainly finds it’s peak in the enchanting breakdown.

Gunnar Stiller takes the track to another domain of house music going all ‘Atmospheric’. His interpretation is based on the original elements combined with ambient samples and makes it the perfect interlude track. The 8th release on the Luxembourgish imprint is a nice collection of tracks that can be used to open, close a night and it will certainly find it’s spot into the peak time sets in clubs all around the globe.

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