LUM005 Haste Midi – Fool EP









The track is built around a roaring 808 kick which immediately emphasizes the raw straight forward character Haste Midi wants to attribute to the track.

On the other side the pads which are sampled from a 70s vinyl provide the warmth and width the track needs to harmonize in a housy way. It also reflects the analogue aspect which is an essential feature of Haste Midi’s sound. The second part of the track is marked by a beautiful vocal sampled from Midways ’84 classic “Set it out”. Again this soft element stands in contrast to the whizzing hihat which adds additional drive to the track. Finally the two basslines are rounding off the track making it a minimalistic retro-house tune.

With his Remix, Daniel Stefanik added some smooth, chilled out sexyness to this Track. Gone begins where Fool stops. Straight 909 drums and percussions hit on looped atmosphere and a bassline, that even might bring pensioners to dance. Rounded by moved claps and a trumpet in the break, this song is created for the dance floor.Gone is a homage to the straight, danceable House sound of the early 90s. With his Remix, Ruben Mandolini added a straight forward Techno attitude to the Track.

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