LUM003 Sebastian Schroeder – Yippieh Yuckin’ Yeah










Sebastian Schroeder is one of those guys whose entire life has been marked by music. After singing arias and German folk songs with his grandmother when he was a child, he decided to learn how to play keyboards, organs and other instruments. He later studied sound engineering at the SAE in Berlin and started working in different German studios and started producing his own sound. Only a few years later, he got involved with the Lauter Unfug Crew and has lately become a steady member, leading the mastering service and dropping his first release.

“YieppiehYucking´Yeah” is Schroeders second release and a perfect echo of his capabilities and the style he has developed over the years. The track is buil around a dirty bass line, paired with a punchy kick drum and a classic house groove. The later part of the track is marked by trippy pas and a wet vocal that repeats itself throughout the whole second half of the track. All these elements combined form a wide, mellow and onward atmosphere that makes you want to dive right into the middle of it. Schroeder has come up with a complex and adept composition that well reflects his distinct skills when it comes to music production.

The Second addition to the EP has been made by another “Enfant Terrible”, which is known for his outstanding live performances where usually shows up with an entire arsenal of synthesizers, drum machines and controllers. Saytek adds his own note to Schroeders original mix and makes the whole fairly more melodic. While the vocal remains the same, the bass becomes far more dramatic and the melodies take over the lead on the track.

Simon Shaw completes the EP with a remix that fully stays in track with the rest. Whilst he still uses the main elements, the vibe becomes a bit more vivid and darker. The organs are replaced by a deep horn sound that generates a lot of diversity throughout the whole piece. Simon´s work manages to deliver a perfect match to the Luxembourg and Berlin imprint. The “YieppiehYucking´Yeah” EP is a well-balanced release that features three tracks that sound as if Schroeder, Saytek and Shaw had been spending some lengthy nights together in the same studio to compose it.


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