LUM002 ND Catani – Backstage EP









ND Catani drops the second release on Lauter Unfug Music. His track “Backstage” is a mixture between contemporary “Jackin´House” and the good old-school vibes found in classic house, so guess what you´ll hear; A thick bass line, mellow chords, saturated vocals and a propulsive drum beat that will get you going throughout the whole record. The second track picks up the pace: Kellerkind delivers a solid, tom-driven addition to the label. He manages to maintain the “housy” vibe of the original piece by adding some classic stab sounds and 808 toms whilst offering a different approach to the genre and putting his focus on the percussions. The third track on this EP follows a more melodic pattern. Hermanez nudges the heavy basses for some mellow pads grouped with leading arpeggiated strings. It´s the kind of tracks that slowly evolves to a soothing breakdown, has a lot of movement and takes you onto a little journey into elsewhere.

The “Backstage EP” is a well-balanced release that features three well-produced pieces covering different niches in the sphere of house music.

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