Lauter Unfug Podcast #118 Disfunctional_Disco

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  • How did it all start for you?

 I guess it all started some 20 years ago, was working in a bar in London, and after work, i usually put on some led zeppelin or the likes, when a co worker suddenly one night said, you have to listen to this….it was Leftfield, and my first introduction to electronic music, i was HOOKED, and after i returned to denmark some time after, i started digging house music, and especially timewriter, then I got into trancemusic, and started Dj’ing, became A&R manager on Creamcrop Records, and started playing all over the globe, in homemade bellbottom pants, ponytail and psychedelic shirts(im hopeful i collected all images of me from that time, and put them in a vault, so they cant use them against me, when i become primeminister of Denmark [Symbol]), slowly though, i started to listen more progressive, then even slower beats, deep house etc, so, I have been through a whole lot of types of music, before I finally kind of found my true sound. 


  • Who is your biggest inspiration? / Who do you have a lot of respect for?

 Heaps of artist through the years, maybe too many to single out a few, always drew inspiration from people i met, and acts/artist which music I liked, the respect is the same, I do wanna say i respect the younger generation a lot these days in cph, they carry on the scene with a great energy and passion, that only the youth is able to. 


  • Are you able to share any of your secret tricks with me?

 Well, practice…practice…practise, its really that simple, know your music, and i have actually in the recent years started to use programs like mixed in key, to get a better understanding of the keys & harmonics of the tracks i play, and i think it really has improved the feeling of my sets. 


  • What is one mistake you see a lot of up and coming DJs making? / What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?

 It’s the same thing as many years ago, but in the mediahyped times we live in, i feel its getting amplified a lot, im talking about the pressure for young and up and coming DJ’s to perform, and the temptation to succumb to playing what you think the people want to hear, the feeling that you HAVE to pump the floor 30 minutes after the party starts, i see this over and over, people who because of pressure, aren’t 100% true to themselves regarding their music. 

I mean, its ok to adapt a little to a club, a city or even a country’s style, as long as you in the end make them dance to your own beat. 


  • If you could eternally be stuck in one year’s music scene, which year would it be? 

 The year before EDM was invented….no, jokes aside, that is impossible for me answer, the last couple of years have had some incredible new music, styles and production, that i really felt was the stuff i had been looking for my whole life, but i also miss the innocence of the old days, before smartphones and social media……i simply cant be more specific here. 


  • What is it that you love about the scene? Your subgenre’s scene?

 The underground, and that it still thrives and is heavily supported in these days, where bookers rule, and the cost for a popular act easy can reach 10000 Euro.  


  • What is something that bugs you about the DJ scene?

 The opposite of the above, the extreme fares of popular acts, I mean, of course good artists need good pay, but some places its getting ridiculous, and its putting a lot of pressure on organisers. And of course the extreme SoMe culture that has emerged in the scene is also getting a little out of hand, some people can manage it, use it in a cool and artistic way, but there are also trainwrecks. 


  • What is one track that got popular that you can’t stand?

 Hmm, none really comes to mind, kind of boring answer, but nothing pops up. 



Hidden Empire – Valhalla (Stil Vor Talent march)
Vanita – Paralyzed (Einmusik march)
HEINRICH & HEINE – Nanobot (Daniel Jaeger Remix) (Amber Blue Recordings)
Dilby – Lens Flare (Bar25 february)
Djuma Soundsystem vs Bongo & Pusk – Duende (Bongo & Pusk Remix) (Get Physical april)
Hidden Empire – Alexandria (Stil Vor Talent march)
Impérieux – Mehmed (Sum Over Histories)
Kylie Minogue – Slow – Bootleg by Pascal FEOS
Mikah – Dilky Ko (Katermukke march)
Daniel Rateuke – Abangane (ZEHN)
Bongo & Pusk – Em drøm (unsigned)
Hidden Empire – Sierra (Stil Vor Talent march)
Vanita – Tensions (Einmusik march)
Ran Salman – Horizon (Sudam february)