Lauter Unfug Podcast #111 Stulp Fiction



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Hello Victor are you doing well? What are your plans for this month?

I‘m doing well, thanks! I‘m currently working on my first album so I‘ll be spending a lot of time on
that project at the moment.

When did you gain interest in electronic music and what is your favourite track of yourself at the moment?

I started making hardstyle music in 2010 and came to house and techno in 2015. My favorite own
track at the moment is „revenire“.

What single night out has been the most memorable for you? As a DJ or as an attendee?

It was for sure my first gig at UBAR, a legendary little club in my hometown. The energy that get‘s
created at this place is out of this world!

What is it that you love about the scene? Your subgenre‘s scene?

I love how this music connects people on the dancefloor and beyond. It‘s a spiritual thing …

What is your routine before going on stage to start your mix? What do you do and what are
you thinking?

I always try to join the party at least one hour before my set to get into the vibe. Right before
it‘s propably just a mix of euphoric excitement and a little bit of stage fright … 🙂

Which tracks do you like best? Tell us your personal top 10!
That‘s my top 10 for the last few weeks:

Township Rebellion – The Review
Lake Avalon – Atlantis
Khen – Imaginal Cells
Paride Saraceni – Mindrush
Cristoph – The Duel
Rampa – The Touch
Paride Saraceni – Burning
Subconcious Tales – Shiva
Stephan Hinz – Doch
Klunsh – Auf Den Start Warten



1. Stulp Fiction – Welcome Home
2. Kai Peh – Moonlight (Stulp Fiction Remix)
3. Stulp Fiction – Khan
4. Stulp Fiction – Odysseus
5. Stulp Fiction – Moksha (Remix)
6. Stulp Fiction ft. Kai Peh – Smoke & Thunder
7. Stulp Fiction – Revenire
8. Stulp Fiction – Easy Come Easy Go
9. Stulp Fiction ft. Symphonia – Shiva
10. Stulp Fiction – Orbit
11. Stulp Fiction – Azna
12. Stulp Fiction – Abyss (Remix)
13. Stulp Fiction – ID
14. Stulp Fiction – Mithra (Remix)