Lauter Unfug #117 RIDIVO

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  • Hello… are you doing well? What are your plans for this month?

This month I am going to concentrate on what is important like my work and my musical interests. Nevertheless I have a lot of free time to practice mixing and producing at home after work so I am quite good at the moment.

  • How did you come to electronic music and what’s your favourite own track?

In my earlier years I used to listen to rap, hiphop and trap.
at the age of 17 I started to discover the wollt of electronic music and lost the interest in the new school hip hop because of the violent texts and the image it represented, I was looking for peaceful and beautiful music.
In summer 2017 my cousin showed me a live act from victor ruiz and i immediately fell in love with the electronic scene. I started djing in 2018, but i haven’t started producing yet but this year i will make my first steps into the production ‘milieu’ .

  • What are you doing beside the music in your life?

I live for the music , that’s why most of the time i’m occupied with it. Besides I like to spent sometime doing work out and I’am a trained gardener.
And of course I enjoy hanging out with my friends to spend some quality time with them.

  • What things not to miss on your DJ gigs (except your DJ gear)

Self-confidence, chill, fun and a fire mood .
And I always wear a handsome shirt .

  • All-time Top 10

  • Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner – Sky and Sand (Original Mix)
  • Rudy Uk – Spirit (Original Mix)  , Proton Music
  • Anna – Hidden Beauties (Original Mix)  ,  Kompakt
  • Pablo Moriego & Happy Denny – Reminiscence (Original Mix)  , Adro Records
  • Baime – The Damned (Original Mix)  , Blindfold Recordings
  • Stephan Bodzin – Zulu (Original Mix) , Herzblut Recordings
  • Hiboux –  Alpha Frequencies  (Original Mix)  , Kaa Productions
  • Victor Ruiz – Draco (Original Mix)  , Electric Ballroom
  • Alexander Thomas – Garden (Original Mix) ,  Superfancy Recordings
  • Enrico Sangiuliano – Symbiosis (Original  Mix) , Drumcode