Lauter Unfug #115 Aka Aka

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1. Hello Hannes and Holger are you doing well? What are your plans for this month?

Hey there, we’re really good, actually working on some new tracks and enjoying the last open air parties of the season. Life is good!

2. When did you gain interest in electronic music?

Both in the mid 90ies but from different approaches: one from the TripHop and Downtempo movement, the other from hardcore techno. When we met in Berlin years later in 2008, we realized that we had a lot of synergies which we could exploit together, not only music wise but also personally. Our friendship is a big part of our project.

3. Who or what is your biggest inspiration? Who do you have a lot of respect for?

We don’t have idols but we have lots of respect for people standing up for others or themselves. Complaining about life isn’t what we are here for but grasping for it and squeezing every last ounze out of it. That’s why we enjoy Berlin so much, you don’t need to be “someone” to be accepted here. Just do your thing, believe in yourself and work hard 😉

4. What is one mistake you see a lot of up and coming DJs making?

The biggest mistake one can make is not staying true to oneself, loosing your roots and getting lost in the ups and downs of the tour life.

5. As an Artist, you are traveling and playing a lot, tell us one of the craziest stories you had in your career so far.

Sometimes it’s the little things… not so long ago we were waiting for the driver of a festival who was late. He then arrived 40 minutes behind schedule and came towards waving wildly and excusing for his delay. After a 10 minutes drive we asked about the festival and he said “Oh it’s going well, already around 30.000 visitors in the hall”. We expected something smaller so we asked him where he was driving us. When he replied “To the gardening fair” we started loughing and realized we sat in the wrong shuttle. He wanted to pick up a guitarist and our driver was already crazily searching for us at the station

6. What are you doing beside the music in your life?

Similar stuff we enjoy touring the world: travelling, food and cooking, company of nice people, especially the one of our friends and loved ones!

7. What things not to miss on your DJ gigs (except your DJ gear)

People are better than things but travelling is much easier with good noise cancelling headphones and a pillow to take a nap on. And speaking of comfort – no train drive for Holger without a cup of black tea and no morning for Hannes without breakfast. You need your routines…

8. What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

Luckily one of our own: Woody Woodpecker which we probably already played a thousand times… at least the break!

9. What is your routine before going on stage to start your mix? What do you do and what are you thinking?

Normally we just go with the flow, that makes you ready for anything. Having no expectations makes it much easier and you can’t become disappointed if the night goes differently, which can happen from time to time. But we are really happy that we normally feel that our vibe meet the one of the audience.

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Joe Fisher – Sooner or Later (Andre Gazolla Remix)
Key M, Monastetiq – Lume (Original Mix)
Nolah – Ansuz (Lunar Plane Remix)
Mattia Pompeo – Plotus (Original Mix)
Novakk, Animal Picnic – Khokana (Original Mix)
Nico Pusch – Bloom (AKA AKA Remix)
Lilly Palmer – Resolute (Original Mix)
Shannon Davin – Las Plagas (Original Mix)
Daniel Portman – Vulnerable (Original Club Mix)
Mattia Pompeo – Circle (AFFKT Remix)
The Dualz – Flash of Lighting (Original Mix)
Antic – Can Believe (Nils Hoffmann Remix)