Founded in the year 2013, the initial role of the Lauter Unfug collective was the creation of unique events in the electronic music genres. These events were establishing an outstanding adventure by self created deco and a multicultural style of music in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.
The profound support of our locals, the regular presence on international terrain and the direct contact with our artisans and their agencies has structured a vast and interconnected network in the domain of electronic music.
The creation of the discography label in late 2015 was but a logical conclusion of the deep rooted and shared passion for event organizing. While reaching international notoriety, Lauter Unfugs releases reached top Charts in the electronic music subgenres.
In 2018 the label and event-organization parted their ways to focus on the individual needs while being adoptive to their surroundings, eventhough these two organizations are still collaborating with each others.
We are glad to receive the support of the Ministry of Culture, which enables us to host a broader variety of events in unusual and exclusive locations binding music with art.


Hosting public and private events in the form of open-air and club events while enforcing the diversity of cultural experiences is our Main Mission, we create this experiences by our concepts ‘Pic-Nic Electronic’, ‘Lost Paradise’, ‘Yalloh-tronic’, ‘Omnya’, ‘Big Rave Odyssey’ and ‘Nuit des musées Afterparty’. Our activities follow the principle of minimizing ecological damage caused by our events. We give our best to think about the sustainability of our events. By sharing, repairing, reusing, recycling and upcycling all sort of materials, we want to show that it is possible to host events that have the preservation of our environment in mind. To stay sustainable, we have to pave a way for the future generations to come by ecological thinking.