Lauter Unfug #116 Lars Moston

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  1. How did it  all  start  for  you?

As a young kid with an Amiga computer and an 8-bit sampler.

  1. Who is your  biggest  inspiration?  /  Who  do  you  have  a  lot  of  respect  for?

The KLF.

  1. What is it  that  you  love  about  the  scene?  Your  subgenre’s  scene?

Positivity, openness, togetherness, freedom, fun.

  1. What is something  that  bugs  you  about  the  DJ  scene?

Too many DJs (and producers), too much mediocrity.

  1. What is one  track  that  never  gets  old  for  you  no  matter how  many  times  you  hear  it?

M/A/R/R/S – Pump Up The Volume

  1. What is one  track  that  got  popular  that  you  can’t  stand?

I try not to think about music that I can’t stand and focus on what’s good.

  1. If you could  eternally  be  stuck  in  one  year’s  music  scene, which  year  would  it  be?

Maybe 1992. I was too young to be a part of the scene back then but I bet the early nineties were great.

  1. What’s your favourite  own  track?

My favourite is usually the latest track. Right now, that’s a new one I produced with Sabrina Mue, which is going to be our next release together.


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Strafe – Set It Off (Justin Martin Remix) [Dirtybird]
Oliver Dollar – Jam Hot (Original Mix) [Industry Standard]
Enduro Disco – Last Track On Earth (Original Mix) [Exploited Ghetto]
Azari – Gotasoul (Vibe Lords Remix) (Edit) [Get Physical]
Felipe Gordon – 707 Banger (Original Mix) [Flat White]
Jan Mir – Moby Dick (Original Mix) [Katermukke]
Markus Meinhardt – Hibiskuss (Original Mix) [Exploited Ghetto]
Nico Pusch – Grace (Lars Moston Remix) [Lauter Unfug]
David Keno – Revolve (Original Mix) [Food Music]
Holt 88 – Shack Bass (Original Mix) [Dirtybird]
Harry Romero – The Get Down (Extended Mix) [Armada Subjekt]
Wade – No Sleep (Original Mix) [Solotoko]