Lauter Unfug Podcast #108 Lily Pita

Lauter Unfug Podcast #108 Lily Pita


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Hello are you doing well? What are your plans for this month?

Hey guys, thank you i’m doing well. I started loving dance music when i was a teenager. That goes way back here in Indonesia the scene was really vibrant and exciting. Of course it was underground, nothing compared to the commercial music playing now in clubs. I know around the world, there are still good clubs playing underground music but overall it has gone very commercial i would say. This month I will be taking some time off and enjoying producing with my husband in the studio. We are partners in life and in music since early 2006.

How did you come to electronic music and whatís your favourite own track?

We’ve produced many songs since we got back together at music. The one that I am the most excited about is SEQUENCE which will be released on Lauter Unfug later this year. A cool track that has a big bassline and alot of rhythm.

As an Artist, you are traveling and playing a lot, tell us one of the craziest stories you had in your career so far.

I was very busy some years ago and I had to take a break to take care of my family. My partner and I have started making music again only last year which is why we need to rebuild everything. It is excited challenge. Before i took a break i played some of the biggest and craziest clubs around here. I also did goto Europe many times. I would say that Czech republic and Slovakia were some of the coolest places to play at that time. Some of the places were very underground even if we have quite big crowd it was really like back in the rave days. I could feel the excitement for the music. I really look forward to play again in places where they appreciate underground music. I think slowly it will come back in Indonesia as well.

What are you doing beside the music in your life?

Well, the funny thing aside djing is that i am graduated lawyer but instead of pursuing this career i went into property business. We build and develop in the area where i live. It fun too, similar to making music in a sense because we created from scratch and give a bit of our soul in each project. I’d love to be making music full time but to be honest it is good to have other things going than music. It also puts bread on the table.

What things not to miss on your DJ gigs (except your DJ gear)

Good food, good friends, good crowd.

All-time Top 10
1. Lio – Rapture
2. size 9 vs rockafellas – I am ready
3. Faithless – Insomnia
4. John Digweed – Heaven Scent
5. Oxia – Domino
6. Sasha – Expander
7. Dj Preach – Broken Inside
8. Wehbba – Lake Ghost
9. 2 boys 1 girl – twisted (steve lawler remix)
10. Chemical Brothers – Hey boy hey girl



1- gibbon – pleasing you (lily pita remix) – electronic tree
2- fabrizio spachuk – hanami (lily pita remix)
3- lily pita – run away dub – bedrock
4- lily pita – id – promo
5- lily pita – irma – lauter unfug
6- lily pita – id – promo
7- lily pita – id – promo
8- lily pita – id – promo
9- lily pita – come with me – soundteller
10- lily pita – i’ll make it up to you – iconyc
11 – oliver lieb – supercycle (lily pita remix) – bonzai progressive

LP01 Beatamines Album “X”

LP01 Beatamines Album “X”

Ten years ago the Beatamines project started… Pascal Augner pours all the experience, the fun, the excitement, the love, the thrill and the passion he cultivated in that decade while touring the world or spending countless hours in his studio into this album. It’s a musical journey from deep house to tech house. And it’s a journey of Beatamines himself. Resident Advisor states: “Sometimes your creating a declaration of love – automatically. Beatamines composed many of those lines for extraordinary, dancing people, for electronic music and the possibility to express himself…” It’s that fascinating and surprising melodies riding on dirty dance floor rhythms that take you on a trip and lead you to places, you haven’t been before – his music will speak to your mind, your body and your soul, and you want to keep the conversation going. Dive into his world, let the melody and the music take you by the hand and go to all your favorite moments and joy you had in your life.

Long-term friend David Keno and founder of Keno Records, Seth Schwarz as well as Matchy join in to add their special kind of flavor to this production.

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