Suara, Selador, Lauter Unfug, Stil Vor Talent, Defected, Endless, Definition:Music, Mood Records

Bio: Born in Spain, with a special interest for music since a young age, EdOne began to release music in 2013, his first label was VIVa MUSiC owned by Steve Lawler. Afterwards he released music for labels such as Defected and Material. In 2014 he joined forces with Bodden, and worked with him for 2 years, in that period EdOne did a track that hit the top of the chart sales and was played and charted by more than 400 artists. The track called “Do It” was released by OFF Recordings, and reached Top 2 of the Deep House Chart in Beatport. Since then he has had the opportunity to play all over Europe including: Lightbox (London) and Lauter Unfug (Luxembourg).

Some months later, EdOne was in a car accident, and after a long period of recovery started his career again as a solo artist, releasing music from labels like Definition, Endless, Stil vor Talent and Suara.

2017 has been an important year for him, he hast played a lot in Germany, and in important clubs like Ritter Butzke (Berlin) Odonien (Cologne) Musikbunker (Aachen) Heinz Gaul (Cologne) Tanzhaus West (Frankfurt) Verboten (Mainz) 50 Grad (Mainz) Kulturfabrik (Hildeshiem) and others in Spain like Project XIII (Málaga) Trueno (Madrid) Teatro Barcelo (Madrid).