Chris Veron


Reload Black Label, IAMT, RIOT, Heimatliebe, Lauter Unfug

Bio: Dj Chris Veron is an artist who has a passion for vinyl and old school. Since his young days in the early 90s he has been closely connected to electronic music. In 1995 he taught himself how to mix with vinyl with endless sessions in his cellar. Now he is playing with CD’s and external effect machines and has become one of Freiburgs and Südbadens most favorite and ambitious DJs. Since 7 years he has advanced and become successful with his Klang-Safari serial which he does together with his DJ partner Metric and they are still going strong!! Furthermore he has performed at almost all the big events in the greater area of Baden, and also Events in France and Switzerland. Since the beginning of his official start in the Club Exodus Parkhaus (R.I.P..).

Since 2001 his career has been growing continuously up. He fast became a resident in Parkhaus, and he was booked by a lot of external organizers. Also becoming a resident in the 18 months Club in Freiburg, and has been for 7 years now in the Drifter’s Club on the Decks. His latest residency is Freiburg’s newest location Klangraum,which opened the doors in October 2013 ,there he has already played alongside some big names like Edu Imbernon, FAUL, Claptone,Niconé and HVOB,

Chris has also been booked many years on the biggest and most important Events in the area of Baden like Sea of Love, Big Bang, Tagtraum, Electronic Sensation, Electronic Culture, Techno Masters, Unity, Electric Garden, Fete de la music(France) and played in some of Germany’s most selected Clubs like U60311 in Frankfurt and MTW in Offenbach,Funkloch(Berlin) or Kraftwerk in Rottweil and also Studio Saglio(Strassbourg/France).

His DJ Sets are always telling a new story, sending people on an electronic trip through time and space. Hey plays from deephouse over techhouse to techno , he’s always groovy and pushing forward with deep warm basslines, which have top priority in his sets. Quote:” Still it’s the sin to get the crowd start to vibrate up to the point of pure ecstasy and devoted give-up compared to the music”. His mix CD’s reflect the trips in a short track, but he favours to play long sets in which he can be completely free in his style, always fascinating the party crowd.

He is also well known for deep cool Bar sets where he shows his other side of an electronic DJ. Hearing all this is not enough, you should see and enjoy him live, because Chris Veron is more than a DJ, he is a musician and performer with life long passion for electronic music!!! At the moment he is in the producing process, and his first releases are being prearranged from early 2014….let us see where his electronic trip goes to…….to be continued!!!